Quote: On Truly Living


"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

This quote by Oscar Wilde is one our favorites here at Holl & Lane because we're all about following dreams and reaching for the stars. It isn't enough to just be. If we each only get one life, why not live it to the absolute fullest. Travel, have a glass of wine, make friends with people you have nothing in common with, dance in a crowded room even if know one else is.  Experiencing new things, new cultures, and new people is one of the greatest ways to live your life. So don't let fear get in the way- go after that thing you've always wanted.

When you think about your dreams, think about the worst case scenario. You want a promotion? The worst they can say is "no". You move to a new city and it doesn't work out? Move again. Stop existing, and just live.

Tell us - What is your definition of truly living?