Watch This: Football Movies For Fall


Happy Thursday everyone! I’m Erica and like you, I love Netflix! Something else I love just as much as Netflix is Fall. What does fall mean ~ FOOTBALL! I am a sucker for sports movies, especially Football movies. Since fall is officially in swing and the football season is heating up, I thought I would share with you 5 Football Movies to watch on Netflix.


This is a story about perseverance beyond all measure. Rudy Ruettiguer has always dreamed of playing football for the University of Notre Dame, but doesn't have the grades or the money for it. After his best friend dies in an accident at the steel mill Rudy decides to leave home and pursue his dream. With the help of his friend and tutor, D-Bob, Rudy works to gain admission to Notre Dame and fight his way onto the Fighting Irish.


In a racially divided town in the 1970’s, Coach Jones spies Radio, a disabled African-American student, near his practice field. Upon learning of Radio’s love for football, Coach Jones decides to befriend him and in time Radio becomes his loyal assistant. When the town starts to feel that Coach Jones’ relationship with Radio is beginning to interfere with the team’s trek for the title championship, things start to take a turn.

The Longest Yard

Pro football quarterback, Paul Crewe, has once again disgraced himself and landed in prison. When Warden Hazen recruits Crewe to assist with the prison’s football team, he ends up quarterbacking a crew of fellow inmates in a game against the prison guards. With the help of an incarcerated ex-NFL coach Crewe and his team of misfits must learn to play dirty enough to take down the corrupt guards.

Varsity Blues

In Texas, high school football rules the day! When the West Canaan Coyotes’ starting quarterback, Lance Harbor, gets injured the team’s merciless coach must bring up the benchwarmer, Jonathon “Mox” Moxon, to lead the team to victory. Suddenly in the spotlight, Mox must learn to deal with the pressure of carrying the town’s dreams on his back as well as finding his own way.

Jerry Maguire

When sports agent Jerry Maguire reaches a moral dilemma he sends a company-wide memo that gets him fired. In an act of desperation to hang on to his athletes, Jerry begins his own management company with the help of single-mom Dorothy Boyd. Putting all of their faith into their sole client, football star Rod Tidwell, Jerry and Dorothy being to fall for each other as they figure out how to make their company work.