Photo Diary: Being a Mom


Being a Mom with @samscrazylife

I feel like its taken 5 children for me to get the whole motherhood thing. Each child has been a learning curve and like shedding layers of myself each time. I'm proud now that motherhood defines who I am and I’m no longer chasing my own wants and needs. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the very start and have the knowledge and the tools I have today. I never dreamed we would be here living in Asia and home schooling, with my husband working in another country -  seriously never.  I’m amazed how life has unfolded for us. Deep within my heart this feels it was always meant to be my path in life although I never knew it.

My children have been my greatest teacher.  They have taught me to love deeper, be more patient, to live in the moment and to find the little things to love and smile about. I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be and I’ve grown so much more than any course or guru could teach me. I’ve learnt to embrace the ordinary and actively seek out the joy in the everyday stuff- the tiny moments that I know I will miss the most. My 18 month old still hasn't slept through the night & wakes every few hours. I used to get so frustrated, longing him to just sleep, but now I look forward to our little cuddles and feeds in the still of the night, as I know soon they will be a memory. All these moments- the good, bad and the ugly- are brilliantly beautiful. Motherhood takes my all every single day without any thank you’s or sometimes recognition. But we’re here taking these steps together and that's what really matters, learning daily and adjusting as we go. But one thing I know for sure, with each struggle and every sacrifice it is worth it- every last drop and more because they are mine and they make me feel alive. Like air, without them I could not breathe.

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