Editor's Note, Vol. 3

christmas-xmas-christmas-tree-decoration-large From all of us here at Holl & Lane, we're wishing you the very merriest of Christmases.  We hope your day is filled with fun, food and family (and maybe some special presents under the tree).  Thank you for your love and support.   And to my team... KIMIKO- Thank you for being my rock of sanity, for always being up for a chat, for listening to my crazy ideas, and for working your ass off on everything that you touch. I couldn't do this without you. Kimiko is the Assistant Editor for Holl & Lane and works with magazine contributors, writes stories, helps out on the business end and also runs our Instagram account part time.

MIA- Thank you for your unwavering cheerleading, for always being willing to help out, and for rocking my world with your intelligence, creativity and hard work. TWD forever. Mia is the Editorial and Social Media Coordinator- she runs our Facebook page and also works with contributors for our blog.

JESS- Thank you for your support, your willingness to help, your hilariousness, and for always being a positive presence in my life. Jess is our Social Media Coordinator and runs our Twitter page.

MEGAN- Thank you for jumping right in, working your ass off, for giving me lots of ideas and feedback, and for being a friend. I will miss you. Megan is our Advertising Executive and works to find brands who fit well with our values and interests.

AIRE- Thank you for your expertise, your always positive attitude, your creativeness and your excitement. Aire is our Fashion Branding Specialist and works on our Style features as well as oversees public relations.

STEPHANIE- Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and eagerness to our team and for developing such wonderful, creative ideas. Stephanie is our PR Executive and works on branding as well as outreach.   xo, Sarah, Editor in Chief   Ps- Next week we'll be sharing a special sneak peek from Issue 5 with you every day so be sure you stop by the blog!  Issue 5 is coming to a digital newsstand near you on January 1st!