This time of year magazines around the world are shouting at us to fix ourselves and lose weight and change our hair to change our life.  One of the tenets of Holl & Lane is that we like you just the way you are.  We celebrate YOU the way that you are now, perceived "flaws" and all.  So instead of saying "New Year, New You", we're saying "New Year, GO YOU!"  We want to focus on your dreams and goals- the ones bigger than losing five pounds and drinking less coffee.  We want to support you, we want to be your cheerleader, we want to follow along in your journey the way you've followed along in ours.  Throughout our social media channels you'll begin seeing features on some of our readers and writers and team members and a little bit about what they're focusing on for 2016.  We hope you'll join us in cheering them on as well.  And to share what YOU'LL be dreaming up this year, just tag us on social media (or leave it in a comment below) and use the hashtag #NewYearGoYou.

We're going to leave you with a feature on our very own Assistant Editor, Kimiko and what she's dreaming up this year.

My goals this year are simple: Love hard, live well, and give back. I want to love all of those around me deeply, live my life to the fullest that I can this year (no excuses!), and give back to those around me with kindness and aide when they are in need. #NewYearGoYou

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