A (Mom's) Day In The Life

Editor's Note: We love getting a glimpse into other peoples' lives, to see who they spend their days and who they spend them with.  So we asked Jessie of Two Kids in Tow to share with us a day in her life.

- 5:45AM -

The not-quite silent movements of my husband wake me, ever so slightly. He’s up and at it and going for a quick run before work. I roll over - which, at eight months pregnant, is quite the task - and try to get just a little more sleep. A warm toddler arm wraps itself around my neck, a reminder that my son has joined us in bed once again.

- 6:45AM -

A quick peck on the cheek and my husband is out the door for the day. The Jeep roars to life, the garage door closes, the dog returns to her bed, and all is quiet once again. Unable to fall back asleep, I stealthily escape my toddler’s headlock and head for the kitchen, where my husband has left a few cups of piping hot coffee ready and waiting for me in the pot.

- 7:00AM -

After a few minutes of peace, quiet, and delicious coffee, I hear a stir. “Momma? Momma?” I hear little feet drop to the floor in the next room over, followed by a few sleepy shuffles across the carpet. At last, he appears: my tall, blonde three year old. He excitedly runs into my outstretched arms, climbs into the little room left in my lap, and dramatically asks, as he does every morning, “Pancakes, please Momma? Make pancakes?”

- 7:30AM -

We have the pancake making drill down to a ‘t’. I preheat my biggest frying pan, set my boy on the opposite counter, grab a bowl and the necessary measuring cups, a whisk, and our favorite pancake mix, and we get to work. I help Luke scoop out one cup of mix (and am immediately reprimanded with an emphatic “Lukey do it!” for helping too much), dump it in our bowl, and carefully add one cup of water (“Lukey do it, Momma!”). I hand him the whisk and he very carefully mixes everything together. After he’s done, the pan is ready. I pull up a chair to the stove and help him get ready to pour his pancakes into the pan. With my help, he makes two rather large Mickey Mouse-shaped cakes. We stand back and watch the batter slowly bubble and cook in the pan, then we carefully flip Luke’s pancakes, hand in hand. I grab a plate from overhead, and together we lift them out of the pan. Success!

- 9:00AM -

The coffee pot is empty, our plates are stacked in the sink, and we are starting to get a little bit antsy. Time for a hike! I quickly stuff a backpack with water bottles, our favorite snacks, and my camera and head for the front closet to gather our gear. Within minutes, we are dressed in our layers and ready to head out the door to one of our favorite parks.

It’s cold outside, but sunny and clear. The smell of pine fills our noses as we step out of the parking lot and onto our trail. Luke runs on ahead, looking like a bright red astronaut in his trail suit, and I follow closely behind with the dog. Sunshine trickles through the branches overhead and Pikes Peak jumps in and out of view with each hill we climb. Our footsteps and Luke’s occasional squeal are the only noises in the woods this morning.

- 11:45AM -

We’re home and hungry after our few hours in the forest. A quick glance through the fridge presents us with a few different options for lunch: leftovers, pre-made tamales, or soup and sandwiches. After a slightly earlier start to my day and a fast-paced hike, my energy is starting to dip, so I opt for leftovers. Today, it’s spaghetti with meat sauce. Easy peasy. I reheat two bowls of pasta as Luke helps himself to some yogurt, his current favorite.

- 1:00PM -

Typical for me at this point in my pregnancy, I crash after lunch. Contrary to what Luke thinks, we’re both ready for a nap. I doze in his bed as he plays with toys and climbs in and out, usually right over top of me, until he decides he’s tired and comes and snuggles in close. Before long, we’re both sleeping deeply.

- 2:30PM -

I wake with a start. Luke is still sleeping in a heap next to me. Although the dishes, the laundry, and other tasks call from the rest of the house, I opt to stay in bed and read. I pop open my current book on my phone and enjoy a bit more peace and quiet under the warm covers. I check my Hike it Baby branch’s schedule to see if there are any interesting hikes coming up later in the week and look up a few parks outside of our usual stomping grounds to explore when my husband is off this weekend.

- 4:00PM -

The light is starting to fade outside. Luke begins to stir and gives me a huge, groggy grin when he finally opens his eyes.

- 5:00PM -

I work through few of the yoga poses from one of my favorite birth preparation books, Active Birth, while I think about what to make for dinner. After Luke crawls under my huge belly for the umpteenth time and weaves in and out of my arms and legs, I turn on an episode of Peanuts to distract him from the jungle gym that is my pregnant body in downward dog.

- 6:15PM -

Chicken is in the oven and veggies are prepped and ready to be cooked on the stove when I get the phone call I wait for almost every day: my husband is on his way home!

- 6:45PM -

The garage door opening sends our dog into a barking frenzy and Luke runs around screaming, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” My husband is attacked by dog and toddler alike as he comes through the door. One quick round of hugs and he’s off to change out of his uniform, with said dog and toddler hot on his heels. A few minutes later, my boys come out, feed the pets, then settle in at the table for dinner. My husband tells me about his day, which was busy and stressful, as usual, and Luke devours his portion of chicken and leaves the veggies completely untouched.

- 7:15PM -

We clear the dishes and decide to go for a headlamp walk around the neighborhood to unwind from the day. The three of us go to the front closet and pull out our layers of fleece, thick coats, gloves, hats, and headlamps. It takes at least 15 minutes to put everything on, but it’s worth the effort every time. Luke goes into the stroller, I leash up the dog, and we all turn on our lights. A few chilly miles later, the day’s stress is gone and we are all tired and ready to go home to our warm house and get ready for bed.

- 9:00PM -

Daddy helps Luke brush his teeth, I remind him to use the bathroom, and he picks out a set of pajamas. The three of us head to Luke’s room, turning off lights around the house as we go. We somehow cram into his full bed and snuggle while Daddy sings a few songs. Before long, Luke is fast asleep and my husband and I sneak out and into our own room for the night.

- 10:00PM -

Exhausted ourselves, my husband and I stumble into bed and he passes out within minutes. Refusing to let me go to sleep unacknowledged, the babe in my belly stretches and kicks. I put my hand on my stomach just in time to feel a tiny foot glide across it.

It has been a good day.