H&L Team Instagram Favorites


The H&L Team loves a good photo so it's no surprise that we love Instagram (follow us @hollandlanemag).  Find a few favorites accounts of our team below.

Sarah's Favorites

Left to right: @seldabelda // @will_journey // @homeiswherethehartis

Being a mom myself, I'm always interested in how other mom's capture their families so I follow quite a few Mom accounts.  I'm especially drawn to crisp, moody photos that tell a quick story.  I also have a serious case of wanderlust and love to follow accounts that indulge me a bit.

Follow Sarah - @sarahmhartley

Kimiko's Favorites

Left to right: @lolypopp3 // @newdarlings // @lichipan

All of these accounts have really beautiful images, often of home life or food and feel super cozy and inviting. I love IGs that are warm, interesting... And those that usually involve a baked good or two.

Follow Kimiko - @kimiko.mainprize

Mia's Favorites

Left to right: @liagriffith // @graymalin // @decorgold

I love looking at the beautiful photos these 3 accounts post. I use photos a lot for inspiration with writing blog posts and and short stories. You never know when an image will spark your creativity in just the right way.

Follow Mia - @mia_sutton_blog

Jess's Favorites

Left to right: @britandco // @hellofarmhouse // @endlessweekend

The last two are because of all of the amazing home things they post. It gives me so much inspiration especially since we just bought our first house. The first one just makes me feel happy warm fuzzies.

Follow Jess - @chaoticcollectd

Megan's Favorites

Left to right: @thestyleograph // @chairishco // @nasa

I love the first two for interior design and fashion styling inspiration.  NASA posts mind-blowing imagines!  It's awesome to see small pieces of our giant universe.

Follow Megan - @zyla2decker

Stephanie's Favorites

Left to right: @damselindior // @parisinfourmonths // @laurenelizhook

The first account has such a clean, consistent aesthetic. I love her posts, she has an ease to them and they all just flow so nicely! She really tells stories with her images. The second account is just so dreamy with how she captures her travels. The third account- her creativity and branding inspiration is really cool to follow!

Follow Stephanie - @stephbarchetti