How to Feel at Home When You're Away

Words by Mia Sutton

Recently, I had to travel for work. I was away from home for 3 days, which may not seem like a very long time, but after the first night, I was already homesick. There’s something to be said about the creature comforts of home – your own bed, all your stuff in its place, the “smell” of home that you can’t smell until you leave for a while and come back.

Whenever I have to travel, I try to do my best to bring “home” with me and be as comfortable as possible. Here are some of my tried and true tips for feeling at home when you’re away.

Bring your favorite pillow/blanket. I know that there’s limited space in your luggage, so this tip may not always be possible if you’re flying. But if you’re driving and have a little bit of extra room, I highly recommend it. I always find the pillows in hotels to be too lumpy or too flat. And I can’t stand the thought of using hotel blankets. Having that familiar feel and smell will help you to sleep better when you’re in a strange place.

Bring comfy clothes. This goes along with the last tip. When I travel, I always bring my softest, comfy-est pajamas and hoodie with me. It helps me to relax.

Try to stick to the same schedule (if you can). Do you get up at a certain time of the morning to exercise or perhaps enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with your newspaper? Then start your day off right by doing something familiar. Or maybe you’re more of a night owl. Bring a book with you and read the night away. Or go exploring and check out some touristy places in your destination if you’re the adventurous type.

Bring photos of your loved ones. I’m a mom and traveling is especially hard for me because I always miss my kids something fierce. I’m so used to being home with my boys and snuggling in front of a movie, eating popcorn and giggling together. Most of all, I miss their sweet little faces, so having photos of them with me help keep the feelings of sadness at bay.

What are some of your tips?

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