Photography Tips: Basic Food Photography (Part 2)

Food Photography Part 2 iphone-2

(See Part 1 here.)

Baked Cookies: iPhone images

Since I was losing so much light during the photo shoot with the pro camera, I wanted to capture some iPhone images the following morning. These images were captured at the same sliding glass door, but with the curtains drawn to diffuse the light. I love to shoot food images with my iPhone so whichever camera or phone you have, use the light around you and try some new angles. It’s also important to add that because the light was bright enough a foam board was not used.

Set Up


I held the white cookie container near the large glass door with curtains closed to diffuse the light. The white container provided a bright backdrop.

Final Image


This image was straight out of the camera roll of my phone. I composed my image “in-camera”, meaning that I didn’t crop and the image is exactly how I shot it.



After shooting the image of the cookies in the white container, I knew I wanted a very dark backdrop for the second image. I had to think outside of the box and for a dark surface this frying pan was perfect. To compose this image, I handheld the pan near the curtains in front of the glass doors.

Final Image


This image turned out to be one of my favorites from both shoots. I composed this image “in camera” again, so no cropping was needed in post- production. What I did do in post was white balance and darken the shadow on the black section to really have a smooth finish.

The key elements in each shot, both pro camera and iPhone, are lighting and perspective. When you start reviewing food photography on websites, social media and blogs you will discover that many are shot from the overhead angle and can tell which direction the main light source is coming from. To end this post I thought I would provide a list of some of my favorite inspirational sites for food photography. Let me know if you have a favorite site and/or a great tip to share.



@food52 (Also a resource for food photography workshops) (The Instagram feed is great as well)