Fitness Challenge: Pike Ups



MOVEMENTS A. PRONE PLANK ON HANDS 1.  Place both hands on the floor directly under your shoulders. 2.  Extend both legs directly behind you, squeezed together (pretend you're holding something between your knees) 3.  Body stays tight: a. Keep neck long b. Shoulders retracted and depressed (keep them back and down).

B. PIKE 1.   Shift your weight onto your arms/hands. 2.  Engage your abdominals as you draw your legs toward your upper body and your glutes into the air. 3.  Hold for a few seconds as you maintain balance and control.

C. RETURN 1.  Maintaining straight arms and legs slowly return to starting plank. 2.  Remember to hold legs close together. 3.  Remember to keep your shoulders low and away from your neck to prevent injury.

PIKE UP Eden Coiro

MODIFICATIONS A. Perform full exercise with bent knees instead of straight legs. B. Decrease the distance in which you draw in your legs. Instead of coming into a full pike with a tight hip-to-leg angle, maintain a larger degree of distance from hip to leg.


CHALLENGES A. Try full pike-ups with one leg! One leg extended in a hovered position but not touching the ground throughout the exercise. B. Once in the PRONE PLANK position perform a push up. Your core AND your arms and chest will feel this for sure.

GOALS & REMINDERS A. Exercise is to be performed on a smooth surface. B. You should be wearing socks/ballet slippers or have toes planted on a small towel/washcloth. C. Improve strength of core and upper body. D. REMEMBER to breathe throughout the full exercise. DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH.

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