My Favorite Room : Nursery

My name is Bridget Kyner, I am 27 years old from Englewood Florida, and my Favorite Room is my 11-month-old daughter Kylee Jade Green's nursery!

I have wanted to have a baby since I was 16 years old. My older sister had my nephew, who I helped raise, making me fall in love with babies and have baby fever. However, I successfully waited until I was older. My fiance, Mike Green, and I have been together 9.5 years this month and struggled for 2.5 years to get pregnant after finally deciding to have a baby before his Grandma, whom we were very close with, passed away.  We successfully got pregnant 4 months later. And we had our baby exactly a year to the day our Grandma passed away, February 27th, 2015! We believe in our hearts that our Grandma got to meet our sweet Kylee, somehow!

Now, on to her room ... It was inspired by Instagram and Pinterest. I love the color pink and while I was pregnant I hated [and still do] all the themes they have for baby rooms! I just could not pick. So I came up with a color scheme of different color pinks, grey and white instead of patterns or a themed room. It came out picture perfect as I imagined. Mike also wanted to be involved, unlike a lot of guys. Mike chose the white furniture which I was very hesitant about at first, but now I think it's beautiful. And keeping it clean is surprisingly not a problem!

I chose a dresser with a changing pad instead of a changing table because I felt it would be a waste of money and space. The crib was something I did not want to draw attention to, so I went for an all white color scheme. The rug was a last minute decision, as we could not find any we liked but knew we needed one, and even though it's chevron pattern it worked well in the room. The color on the wall is called Petal Grey high gloss from Home Depot. We originally had a white valence on the window which did not look right and last minute I found the curtains that are there now which I fell in love with! The rocking chair and its location was a huge concern, as I wanted a specific set that would fit in the room. My sister ended up giving us the perfect set as a gift.

Because of a local company called Pregnancy Solutions in my town I take weekly voluntary educational parenting classes and in return get free baby items from their company- most of which you can see in the closet. On the walls we kept it minimal- family pictures, cute colorful things, Disney characters, monogram items, keepsakes, name initial items, her first trophy from her first local pageant, Little Miss Englewood 2015 at 5.5 months old. And lastly on the back of her door is the biggest headband & bow collection ever!  We have over 300+ and counting. It started as a tiny basket and has skyrocketed. I struggled to find ideas or something big enough to accommodate this large of a collection and this 'shoe rack holder' was the only thing that did the trick. It came out better than I hoped! I waited many years to have a nursery and some friends told us not to waste our money on a nursery but I don't regret it one bit!

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