A (Mom's) Day in the Life

Being a mom is awesome. No joke. Being a girl mom is even better. Sophie made me a mother, she's my heart. My days are certainly better with her in it.

A typical day in our household is well, never very typical because she wakes up different every morning. Some mornings she wakes up quietly and plays, other mornings she's shouting for us to come get her, and on many mornings she laughs maniacally in her crib while talking to all of her stuffed animals. The moment she's out of her crib, she goes tearing down the hallway for breakfast in the kitchen or in the car if we have something to do. On Saturdays, we go to fun places like the children's museum, or play dates with other children her age.

One of Sophie's favorite places is the children's museum, it caters to the parents and the children. It takes away from me having to entertain her for every single second of the day. We color there, we slide down the slide together, and sometimes play imaginary games she comes up with. Most of all, talking on her phone is the busiest part of her day, she's a very busy person with all of the "phone calls" she receives.

Lunch time is probably our most unusual part of the day. Sophie eats in her stroller and we walk around the neighborhood, seems like a great trade off right? And it is for the most part unless it's raining that day. It also allows for me to get in some walking to break up the day. And then there's nap time, the best part of the day. In that time, I get cleaning done, blog posts, or take a nap myself!

At the end of the day, Kyle joins us, and we start the lengthy process of picking up the destruction she's created including a few changes in outfits before bed.

And then we read a book. Sophie thinks she has me fooled when she picks the longest book for me to read every night, little does she know, I skip pages. But at the end of a night, it's always hard to say goodnight.

Motherhood hasn't been easy for me honestly, many days I struggle with being a mother and if I'm being a good enough mother for Sophie. She's a handful. I love each and everyday I get with her, but it seems that each and every day goes by faster and faster. It's times like these where I wish I could slow down time just for a minute.

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