Photography Tips: Travel Photos

Words & Images by Nicole Bedard

Having an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and environments has always been an interest of mine, even if I’m not able to travel to amazing locations as much as I would like. Looking back, my family always took a yearly vacation and I love combing through all the pictures when I get the opportunity. The photos are imperfect and highlight exactly what is happening in that moment, happy kids or not.

When traveling ask yourself “what is the purpose of the trip?” and that will help narrow the focus of your photography. If you are on a vacation or work trip and have specific places you would like to check out, eat and enjoy, then your “shoot” list is already outlined for you. Try to capture a thoughtful image at each location and you will end up with a personal visual story of your adventure.

Here are some areas I try to capture when exploring a new location: Lodging, Food, Environment, Special Location and People (I’m traveling with).

Travel Photography Tips:

When photographing food, at a location, try to position the plate near a window, if possible. Natural light will greatly improve the image.

When you start taking photos think of capturing: Overview Shot, Point of View Shot and Detail Shot.

When photographing architecture you will find buildings distort vertically. Luckily there are software and app solutions to correct this distortion.  Example: Using Snapseed App, but you can also use Lightroom Lens Correction feature