How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Words & Images by Jasmine Vargas

Since writing a post on my blog called “Why It’s Important to Wash Your Makeup Brushes”, I’ve gotten so many questions on what products I use to wash my brushes or how I wash them. To be honest I love that I get asked these questions because I love helping others get more knowledge and these are great ways to keep those fancy brushes clean.

Today I’ll be sharing with you my favorite products when it comes to washing my brushes.

Dawn Dish Soap + Olive Oil - This I have been doing for the last few months after I stopped using baby soap. Reason why I use the Dawn + Olive Oil is because it leaves my makeup brushes feeling soft, clean and it cuts my time in half. I have over 40+ makeup brushes and I wash them once a week, sometimes twice if I’m doing someone’s makeup. That used to take 1 hour or more to do because I saw myself having to wash them twice because it wasn’t getting all the makeup off. So when I added the olive oil, it helped remove the products off the brushes faster.

Coconut Oil - another great product to use on your makeup brushes. It’s antibacterial, non-toxic, promotes firming skin, it removes the makeup and it smells good. Super simple to do: take a spoonful of the coconut oil, microwave for 30 seconds, dip the brush in the coconut oil, swirl the brush on a paper towel or rag until the brush no longer has makeup product and rinse the brush.

Swirl & Sparkle - I first found this company on Instagram and I had to try out their products. The products are made out of goats milk and vegan shea butter. It’s a gentle exfoliator / scrubbing mechanism for your brushes. I wrote a review on their products here .

JAPONESQUE - I use this makeup brush cleanser when I want to clean my smaller eye brushes. It’s easy to use. All you do is spray the brush with the cleanser and swirl it around on a paper towel or towel until the product is completely out of the brush. It’s perfect if you don’t own smany brushes. The Japonesque is gentle, it conditions and disinfects fine brush hairs. It dissolves powder, liquids, wax base and adhesive. You can find this at Ulta.

All of these products are effective and safe to use on all types of brushes. Definitely don’t use products that are going to ruin your brushes, especially if you paid a lot for them.