Announcing: Issue 7 of Holl & Lane Magazine

issue 7

We are so thrilled to announce the release of Issue 7 of Holl & Lane Magazine!  This one holds a special place in our heart for a few reasons: 1) It's our anniversary issue!  H&L launched on June 1, 2015 so you'll find a celebration theme woven into some our stories this time around.  2)  It's our first issue that we're able to offer PRINT copies, a big dream of ours for awhile.  We only printed a limited quantity for our first time around and there's only a handful left so be sure that you hop over to get yours ASAP.  3)  We're announcing some BIG changes coming to H&L in the Editor's Note and we're really excited to share it all with you.

In this issue we have an interview with country music star Courtney Cole, a chat with Dash of Darling blogger Caitlin Lindquist on her struggle with infertility, a photo diary through Anchorage, Alaska, a story of a mom raising twin boys after her husband left- and the strength she's found through it, a style shoot that'll make you yearn for summer, several recipes you're going to want to make RIGHT NOW, a home tour that's so inspiring we want to paint our kitchens blue immediately, and SO much more.

We can't wait for you to see the issue, so head over now to our shop and pick up your copy!