Watch This: Summer Lovin' Movies

Words by Erica Musyt

With summer just around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite summer-themed movies!


Scottie Smalls is the new kid in town. He makes friends with some neighborhood kids that play baseball. Together they spend the summer going on adventures, but trouble comes knocking when they hit a baseball over the fence into a grumpy man’s yard.


Baby is spending her last ‘youthful’ summer with her family at a quiet resort in the Catskills before heading off to the Peace Corps. Her summer turns around when the resort’s dance instructor enlists Baby to be his new dance partner and the two fall in love along the way.


Four Oregon friends hear about a stranger that has been accidentally killed near their home and they set out to find the body. Along the journey Gordie, Vern, Chris and Teddy encounter a mean junk man and a lake full of leeches.


It’s 1979 and a supernatural presence has been released in a small town during summer break after a train collision. Joe, an aspiring filmmaker, decides to make a zombie movie at the train station and captures the collision on his Super 8 camera. Along with his friends, Joe goes on an adventure in search of the reason for the train collision.


A dysfunctional family embarks on a road trip to California so their daughter can compete in the Little Miss Sunshine Contest. All piled together in a VW bus, everyone’s sanity is stretched to the limit as the family proceeds on.