The Emptiness Overcome

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Words by Kylie Farnsworth, Tribe Engagement Director at The BloomerieImage by Alexx Duvall

Sitting in a room alone, and that same consuming feeling comes over me. It’s a combined emotion of fear, failure, rejection, and loneliness, creating something new and all consuming that I like to call The Emptiness.

The Emptiness and I are all too familiar with one another- a relationship that has been going on strong for many years. As long as I can remember, really. There have been seasons of extreme comfort with one another, and other seasons that look more like awkward silences. Some seasons are me pretending like The Empty isn’t sitting outside the window staring at me, and sometimes It’s actually not even around. But all in all, we find ourselves sitting back there together, consumed, just the two of us.

My whole life was spent on the outskirts, rarely feeling a part of the crowd. It was spent lonely. I was very seldom told that I had a purpose outside of smiling and making others happy. My happiness was brushed to the wayside so that others could find their happiness through me. And for a very long time, I thought this was who I was destined to be. Little did I know I had so much more planned.

My passions were pushed to the side, my opinions and thoughts were irrelevant, and my stories lacked substance to others. I grew up in a family knowing fear. I wasn’t sure of who I was or if I’d ever have a purpose or passion. Throughout time I developed an extreme sense of self doubt, because no one had ever told me I was capable of greatness. Or boldness. Or courage. I only knew myself to be weak, tainted and unworthy of the world’s love. There really wasn’t anything special about me, or so I thought.

It wasn’t until I began hearing this same story, my story, that a shift began to take place. I spent hours on end reading and learning of others hearts and how much they were filled with The Emptiness. I realized that I wasn’t alone. I began to speak my fears out loud. I began to relate to people, and they could relate to me. And suddenly my voice became valuable. For maybe the first time. Because, in sharing my story, others were able to release The Emptiness too. We were all able to be together, and not have to be so alone. We developed passions together, and encouraged one another to be great, and bold, and everything we were capable of being. We believed in each other.

Someone believed in me.

My passions began blooming, my heart overflowed, and my self worth began to increase. I finally had a purpose, because someone valued me.

All it takes is one voice. One bold, brave voice telling you that you matter. And that one voice can change everything. Because when we are wrapped in community, of people who believe in us and work to uplift us, we suddenly have a purpose. Our story matters because someone is listening. This rings true for people everywhere. They don’t have an ear to hear them. They don’t have a hand to hold through the hard parts of pursuing their journey of self discovery. But that doesn’t mean they are invaluable.

We all need it. That’s why the Bloomerie came around. To tell you you matter. To speak life and wisdom into your heart. To connect you with other women, who want to hear your story and tell you how valuable you are.

We need community. We need a tribe of encouragers and we want to give that to you. I want to give that to you. I want to tell you you matter. Because you do. I want to tell you that you are capable of bravery. That you are special and unique and so perfectly you. I want to tell you that you are enough. You are the very most being that I could ever hope you would be, and I want you to see it for yourself.

Helping you grow that confidence, and understanding your self worth is the most important thing I could do in my life.

I know, because someone did it for me. Someone believed in me, and now I do too.