From My Eyes: One Year at H&L

Words by Mia Sutton, Editorial ManagerImage by Madeline Mullenbach

It all began a year ago with a Facebook post. I think it was fate that I happened to be scrolling past that particular post on that particular day. And I thank my lucky stars every day that I did.

In the post, Sarah, our lovely and fearless Editor in Chief, asked for help with social media to promote Holl & Lane Magazine. I was immediately intrigued and volunteered to help. I had been a follower of Sarah’s blog for a while, and didn’t really know her that well, but her passion spoke to me, not to mention her courage to take life by the horns and fulfill a lifelong dream.

One of my favorite things about being a part of the Holl & Lane team is the team itself. We are all so different but we all come together to support the dream and vision of the magazine. I like the exchange of ideas because none of us are experts in everything, but each of us brings unique skills or experience to the table. And while I don’t want to seem overly dramatic and say that being a part of the team has changed my life, but it has. Working with Sarah in particular has been so much fun (she didn’t pay me to say that, but I do enjoy chocolate frosted donuts, if she’s reading this) and she makes me laugh every day. I admire her strength, her ability to adapt, her talent, her vision, her devotion, and most of all her friendship. I’m so glad she lets me bother her every day and be a part of her dream.

My role has evolved over the past year from social media to the editorial side, and a period of time in between where it was a little of both. I’ve also been a contributor to the magazine and blog. And through it all, I’ve felt blessed to be a part of something so amazing. There’s not a single day when I feel like what I do for Holl & Lane is “work”, though I certainly take it as seriously as a job. But to me, it’s so much bigger than that. As someone who’s had a lifelong love affair with writing, helping people tell their stories is something that speaks to me on such a personal level. We all have stories. We’ve all experienced struggles and triumphs. We’ve all at some point asked ourselves, “Am I the only person who [feels this way / has experienced this]?”

And my hope is that each time you read our magazine, you’ll know that the answer is: You are not alone. Your story is important and we hear you. We support you. We admire you. We’re cheering you on with all of our hearts. We’re just like you; we have the same fears, hopes, loves, and dreams. We care what you have to say, and we’ll help you say it.