Summer Themed Wreath DIY

Words & Images by Lauren Elizabeth

There is nothing better then coming home from a busy day and being greeted by a happy home. Now some of you may think "a happy home, what does that even mean?" Well my friends, it means making your home a reflection of you and how you want to feel when you are there. The first step to evoking that happy feeling starts right at your front door, before you even step inside. For me personally, I love being greeted by a beautiful wreathe hanging on my front door setting the tone for what lies inside. So today I am sharing a really simple do-it-yourself summer wreath that is sure to make a statement and really dress up the entrance to your home. Whether you live in an apartment, town home, or a detached house we all have doors and what do we do when one closes? We put a wreath on it of course- and a darn pretty one too.

For this project you will need a simple twig wreathe which you can find at Walmart or Michaels for around $5. Next up is some craft moss which is very inexpensive and again can be found at the above stores. Of course you will need some pretty faux flowers, I had quite a few options laying around from previous projects but you can literally use what ever you have, this is not an expensive project.

Now you want to think about how you want your wreath to look, if you find yourself drawing a blank, Pinterest is a great place to get some ideas. I knew that I wanted something simple and minimal, yet not boring so I opted for using the moss, the white hydrangeas and a little bit of eucalyptus. I started by sticking and weaving the craft moss into the twigs of the wreath and took it about half way around. Next I took my flowers and bent the metal ends into the wreath being sure to attach them securely. I didn't use a hot glue gun because my stems were long enough to really wrap in there, but you could definitely use some if you need to. To finish off I added two sprigs of eucalyptus for a bit of whimsy and voilà, a simple and inexpensive wreath that will be sure to make you smile every time you get home. Sometimes it just takes some pretty flowers hanging on the door to make us happy- oh and coffee of course, coffee always makes us happy.