Life Without a Closet

Words & Images by Amy Bennett

My daughter's room started off very small. Originally, there were doors everywhere the bedroom door, a door to the bathroom, and sliding closet doors. Those doors paired with a bay window left only one wall with usable wall space. I first removed the bathroom doorway and closed up the opening to get a little more wall space. Even then we couldn't fit more than a bed and a bookcase in there. We still needed more space but there wasn't anywhere to gain it without a costly home addition. But then I had a thought, why do we need to have such a large closet? Surely my daughter's clothes could all easily fit inside a dresser. This idea played in my mind over and over again until I finally took the plunge and demolished the closet. It looked like a different room with how much space was gained.

After that I tied in laminate flooring, painted the walls in a lovely, soft griege color and added paneling on the back wall where the closet used to be. I continued the paneling on the ceiling which gives a kind of waterfall effect and I replaced the old light fixture with a beautiful new one. I brought in white furniture to keep the space light and bright. The room before was so cramped and there was nowhere to do activities. Now, I separated the room into different activity zones. There is a zone for homework, reading, dressing, playing, and sleeping. You may be wondering if we miss the closet. The answer is absolutely not! The dresser has worked perfectly for all the clothing storage and I love that I can have baskets underneath for even more storage. This room is such a sweet space with lots of space to imagine and play in.