Entangled: A Poem on Marriage

Words by Mia Sutton

I lost myself
Your name became mine
It almost didn’t happen
The long plane ride
Unspoken fears
My bucket slowly emptied
Scratching under the sunshine
Water roaring
Eyes watching
My words drowned
Long, winding path
Littered with forks
Two became one
Lost in the shuffle
Happy hearts
Perfect panic
I loved you then
I love you now
I love me, too, though
And I don’t know where to look
To find who I used to be
Looking through the lens
Of supposed to be
I vowed never to engage
And here I am tied in knots

Mia is the Editorial Manager for Holl & Lane Magazine. She is a self-proclaimed word nerd from Virginia who loves to write about anything and everything. Expressing emotions through words has been her lifelong love affair. She also loves donuts, laughter, and books.