4 Tips to Stop Negative Self-Talk

Words by Nicole Hoglund

Our minds can play tricks on us, like all the time. It can tell us that we are not good enough, that we don't have what it takes, or that we just plain suck, even though we know that we are none of those things. Our mindset and energy around it can help us deal with our gremlins (those horrible negative self-talk thoughts we have) to get us back to seeing just how amazing we actually are! 

So the way to do this, well you have to trick the trickster that is your mind! Your mind, or your brain for that matter is like a muscle. You can exercise it on a daily basis to expand your knowledge, learn and grow. You can also exercise it to battle the negativity that can affect us all, more deeply than we care to admit. These are not difficult things to do, as our brain is trying to actually conserve calories and not burn the midnight oil so to speak, but they can be powerful, which is what matters.

Here are my top 4 tricks that can quickly get your mind to stop shouting all the negative self-talk at you:

1. Meditation

This is where you allow yourself to just sit, for however long you have. It can be a minute, 5, 10 or more. The goal is to clear out any thoughts you have going on and just be in the moment. Feeling nothing and just breathing. This relaxes you and helps combat the stress that can creep in too when negative self-talk arises. 

2. Write it down

This is a big one. We can get so caught up in our own negative mindset that we never vocalize it or write down what we are thinking. Writing down the thoughts we are having not only helps to get them out of our head, but it disempowers its hold on us. When you physically write down “I’m not good enough” it helps our brain to stop spinning and start working through the why of it all, which brings me to…

3. Remember where it came from in the first place

 Our minds are fickle in the sense that they like to hold on to memories but also not give us specifics on when we started to think certain things. So I challenge you to try to remember when you first started thinking that specific negative thought about yourself. When you remember the event that occurred you can then take it out of your proverbial baggage and say “buh-bye” to it!

4. Smile

So simple, but when having these thoughts how many of us actually smile? We may cry, get frustrated, frown and down right look like we have RBF. So what if we just smiled. I don’t know anyone who can thinking negatively about themselves while smiling. I am even smiling as I write this post so that I do not let my mind slip into the “Is this good enough” pattern! 

The reason these 4 tricks work is because they get your mind clear, they disempower the negative-self talk and they get your mind thinking of why that "gremlin" is there in the first place to help you work through it instead of masking it! These tricks will get you back into your positive daily mindset faster than you think!

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About the Author:

Nicole is a Small Business & Confidence Coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to create their own version of success and one half of the hosting duo of the BeYOUtifully Bold in Business Podcast. Basically she really wants you to see the power you bring to the table in your business and truly be confident in the goals you have. If she isn't working you can find her hanging out with her husband and pup, having a great cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends, or on the couch watching really bad reality TV!