What Do You Love Most About Your Spouse?


Valentine's day might not be for a couple more weeks, but at Holl & Lane we thought our sweethearts deserved some lovin' in January too. To celebrate National Spouses Day (January 26, 2017) we asked you what you love most about your spouse and rounded up a few responses that gave us all the warm fuzzies. 

Tatiana Ciccarelli

"Josh possesses a unique wisdom for his age; he's reserved, patient, sincere, grounded, and individual. He is inspiring. He roots me. He is the Salt of the Earth."

Becca Jaffe

"I love my husband's relentless optimism. He has such a positive glow and it's what I first noticed about him. I also love his servant's heart, his sense of duty and how he takes action. I not only love but admire him, too."

Jess Downey  

"It's so hard to put into words. He's so incredibly supportive in all that I do. He's smart and passionate about the work he does. He loves me, my family, his family, and all of our friends with everything he has. And he's my total opposite which sometimes is the thing I also hate, but we wouldn't need or want two crazy people in our house."

Mia Sutton

"Charlie is my best friend. We've basically grown up together as we started dating in high school. He is the funniest person I know and makes me laugh every day. He is so caring and kind-hearted, even though he tries to hide it from other people. And he's the best father to our 2 boys, which makes me love him even more."

Ashleigh Mueller

"My bearded man is my best friend. He smells really amazing and is super warm for the winter months. I love his laughter. But most of all I love how he loves our family. He's the best father and husband I've ever known."

Skylar Blackwell


"I love my husband because he is my partner and teammate in this crazy life! He loves me when I deserve it the least and is an amazing cheerleader and support in everything I do. He keeps me laughing with his dad jokes, interested with his intelligence, plus he is pretty easy on the eyes! Blessed to have him in my life for the past 15 years and counting."

Aubrey Mathis

"I love his competitive nature. I love that he sets goals for himself and does whatever it takes to reach them. He loves unconditionally and gives 150% 100% of the time. I love that he is the guts and grit to my lipstick. Plus he's a cowboy and that's just hot."

Layla Solms

"I love my husband, Daniel, because he listens to me and gives me room to grow. He takes time to think about what is best for our family, has a great sense of humor, and is super stubborn! I like that about him, though, because I know that his strong stubbornness carries over into our marriage in that he views all things in terms of "us"."

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