From Toddler to Tween

Words & Images by Sheila Irwin

Recently, my daughter started to balk at the perceived "little girlness" of her room. And I understood. As cute as her room was, it was painted a pale pink and filled with white "shabby chic" furniture, as well as floral bed linens and window coverings. Adorable for a 3-year old, not so adorable at 13. And though I was open to changing things to make her happy and bring it up to a more appropriate look for her newfound maturity, I did have a few concerns.

First, I had spent a fair amount on her custom window coverings and I wanted to work the new room around those rather than spend money changing them. Second, I wasn't willing to buy new furniture so we needed to make the new decor work with what we already had.

After talking to her to get an idea of what she wanted, I quickly realized that the white painted furniture would be fine, however, the floral (and expensive) roman shades, not so much! She wanted a black and white room, with a touch of hot pink as an accent. But after much discussion and back and forth, we decided to keep a pink palette, but to brighten it. She loved the "PB Teen" look so that is what we tried to replicate.

There is a fair amount of pink in her shades, so it actually worked with the brighter pink we brought in. We kept the bedding mostly neutrals, using whites with just a pop of the hot pink. We changed out accessories and pared down a fair amount (she wanted a "cleaner" look), but I think all in all, it turned out great. We ended up with a hot pink and white room, with just a few black and white accents. And more importantly, she's happy with the result. And as we all know, a happy teenager = a happy mom!

Sheila Irwin is the writer/creator of the lifestyle blog, Maison de Cinq. She writes about fashion, food, and interiors, but her emphasis is on the interiors. She recently pursued her dream of starting a blog and decided to funnel her creative abilities into her writing, as well as transferred her styling abilities to interior design. Irwin is now working with clients to transform their homes the same way she previously transformed wardrobes.

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