Make & Taste: A Children's Lifestyle and Food Blog

Words & Images by Nicole Bedard

I created Make & Taste to document the cooking and baking adventures that I have with my toddler and celebrate others who do similar activities with the children in their lives. Being a professional photographer, I love to capture all the fun we have and recipes we make together. Food evokes so many childhood memories for me, and growing up in New England my siblings and I were exposed a variety of coastal ingredients like fresh seafood on Cape Cod and fresh produce from the farm down the street as well as our own greenhouse. My mother taught me how to cook and bake and since becoming a mom I realize the importance of this life skill. I believe cooking and baking builds confidence and teaches awareness of the origin of foods, which help our children understand and appreciate quality food and nutrition. Unfortunately, my mother passed away before she could witness my adventures with my son, but making family recipes with him brings back so many fond memories and makes me appreciate every day.

Make & Taste provides daily posts consisting of recipes, guest features and/or food related road trips all focused on the child’s interactions and experiences. Since photography is such a big part of my life, it is also a central part of the blog, with a focus on impactful lifestyle and food photography. The supporting photography aids in connecting with the community and encourages others to make recipes with their own children. Since launching the blog I have connected with so many individuals and love learning about how they introduce food to kids and keep family traditions alive. As a parent I am starting new traditions with my son like picking strawberries; as well as making traditional family recipes like my mother’s apple pie. The Make & Taste community has so many fun stories and places they bring their children. Some recent contributors have provided recipes ranging from strawberry jam, fruit popsicles, hand pies, mini omelets, pancakes and so much more. The kids have so much fun and take pride in making the recipes and the images bring the recipes to life. Some food related road trips include a homemade ice cream shop, donut and coffee shop, orchards and farmers markets. Children have such a thirst for knowledge so exposing them to where food comes from or how something is made really expands their horizons.

The Make & Taste community is growing every day and I’m excited to share more adventures from my home and others in the community. In the future, I plan to incorporate posts from abroad and explore how others approach food and traditions. In addition, I would like to develop a segment where I can provide kitchen product information and/or reviews to provide parents and caregivers my perspective on quality product. There are so many products on the market and it would be helpful to have some information in a single place for caregivers. Growing the Make & Taste community is so rewarding and I love hearing from parents who have tried and enjoyed making some of the recipes with their kids. Connections are already being made and I look forward to being on this journey and seeing how it evolves. Come joins us at IG: @makeandtaste Facebook: makeandtasteblog.

Nicole is a professional photographer, mother to an energetic toddler, and founder of Make and Taste. She has been a Commercial, Editorial and Lifestyle photographer for 7 years and has been published in various magazines and brand websites. Nicole is passionate about providing her child with meaningful experiences and documenting all of the fun along the way. You can always find her baking with her toddler and enjoying a good cup of coffee.