Industrial Elements in a Room

 Decorating with Industrial Pipes
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Words by Jan Verhoff // Images by Lori Baskin

As we were renovating and setting up our new home, I was looking to add unique pieces that would be timeless and fit the modern, eclectic style I was working towards. The use of industrial pipes for furniture and shelving was something I wanted to create and use in our home. To start, I wanted to create a large entertainment stand with shelves that could be used for our TV, storage, and decor. 

To begin the process of making the entertainment stand, I started at a local lumber yard that my father-in-law referred me to. The lumber yard was a hidden gem! Family owned and made up of barns with thousands of pieces of lumber to choose from. At the lumber yard, I saw some pieces of dark walnut with streaks of blonde that I had to have. I loved the warmth of the walnut but the uniqueness of each piece. We went home with six pieces that we used to construct our entertainment stand. 

The next step was buying the industrial pipes and flanges to put the entertainment stand together. I searched online and found an independently owned hardware store that had the 12 inch x ¾ inch pipes and ¾ inch flanges for a price that could not be beat. With all the materials ready it was time to construct the entertainment stand. Luckily, my father caught hold of my vision and offered to assemble the entertainment stand. He created a piece that is one of a kind and fits perfectly in our space. 

The designing and creating of the entertainment stand went so well that I was inspired to add more industrial pipes into the room. The next creation was three floating shelves made of walnut lumber, 10 inch x ¾ inch pipes, 8 inch x ¾ inch pipes, ¾ inch flanges, and ¾ inch caps. Currently, these shelves are kid centered by storing toys, art supplies, and books in an aesthetically pleasing way. The final use of industrial pipes was our mantel. My father-in-law gave me a piece of reclaimed wood that fit perfectly on our brick fireplace. This incredibly heavy piece of wood required 6 inch x 1 inch pipes, 4 inch x 1 inch pipes, 1 inch flanges, and 1 inch elbow brackets to hold it up. The mantel is an impressive statement against the large brick wall.

A joint effort of vision, labor, and creativity brought industrial elements to our family room that are timeless and unique.

Jan Verhoff is a licensed elementary teacher that found a passion for interior styling while renovating and setting up her new home. The passion lead to Jan starting an Instagram account of her home @spicysaltysweethome in order to inspire others. Jan is currently working with clients to help them style their homes.

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