From Uninspired to an Inspired Master Bedroom

 An Inspired Master Bedroom

Words & Images by Zenia Curiel-Olivares

Does anyone else remodel their entire house, and forget about their bedroom?!

Yes? Yeah me too.

When we first moved into our house back in March the bedroom was the last place I paid any attention to. We had remodeled most of the house and I was honestly just feeling a bit drained both mind and pocket.

file (6).jpg

So I left the master bedroom alone. Yes I had painted it a pretty color, and yes we had installed new handscraped laminate floor, and yes I painstakingly removed the popcorn from the vaulted ceiling, but all I wanted to do was put the bed in the room and be done. So we did.

It stayed that way for a few months actually; mostly because I just couldn’t decide what to do, and really a makeover wasn’t in the budget this year.

But then...

I stumbled across vintage botany prints, I fell in love with the illustrations and I knew I could do something with these. The ones I had found were hundreds of dollars for one framed print- Yikes! That wasn’t happening- So I turned to the internet and found some free prints online! I printed my selected images on Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper, and framed them in my existing 16x20in frames with 8x10 mats inside, and my room makeover began!

file (5).jpg

Once the inspiration kicks in it’ll make you want to keep on going. I still have 2 large pieces i want to add to the room, but for now, it’s looking pretty! 

My Name is Zenia, But you can call me Z. I am a photographer and a self-proclaimed Home Stylist (well at least for my home). Join me as I share my budget home decorating ideas, D.I.Y furniture & decor plans, and all the fun stuff in between! Let’s Style it Pretty!

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