A Surprise Launch!

I love the Holl & Lane community.  I love the atmosphere of trust and relatability that we've created.  I love the stories that have been shared.  And I love the people who have been willing to be so vulnerable to share a piece of themselves with us.  

All last week we hosted the #mystoryispowerful campaign on Instagram where so many were willing to share what makes them who they are.  Getting to know everyone was incredible.  We wanted to have a fun surprise at the end of the week and that came in the form of two new products now available in our shop: our bonus issue and our journal!

The (digital only) bonus issue is filled with some of our reader favorite stories from issues past as well as brand new stories that haven't been shared yet.  BUT IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL OCTOBER 22ND.  We're putting this one back in the vault after that, so be sure to pick it up while you can.

Our journal has been the perfect compliment to the brand that we're building here.  We encourage you to write - write your story, write to make yourself heard, write to heal.  And now you can do it in a journal with a reminder just for you on the cover.

So be sure that you pick up these new products today before they're gone for good.  (And buy the combo to save money!)  Use the buttons below to shop or head over to our shop page.