Women Empowering Women

 Women Empowering Women

Words by Katie C'etta // Images by Sarah Collins

Finding mutually empowering people to surround yourself with is one of the most important things you can do for your life and your career. In the creative industry specifically, your network is your livelihood. Focusing on the competitive aspect of this industry is an easy stance to take. However, you may find that by supporting your fellow woman in her chosen art form, you can have a far more fulfilling career. 

One of the best experiences an artist can have is collaborating with other artists who can take your art to an entirely new level. When your project is complete you can look back with those people and say, “we made that.” That is what we experienced with this stylized photo shoot.

For this stylized photo shoot each woman brought something wonderful to the table. In the end we created something that we can be proud of. Each of us do beautiful work on our own, but by coming together through sisterhood we made each other better. This shoot was full of good vibes for the female entrepreneur and artist. 

“I have been inspired and encouraged by so many wonderful women who have helped put an end to "mean girl" attitudes, and instead share the notion that one woman's success does not mean another's failure. “ - Melissa Goodman, Model

“It is good for your creative energy to take care of the people who helped make you good at what you do. The women you work with that encourage you to expand your creative mind, try new methods, push your limits as an artist, and take calculated risks as an entrepreneur are your lifeline. “ – Katie C’etta, Model

“Women empowering other women is truly a beautiful thing. I've seen this quote on Pinterest and Instagram, I don't know who said it, but they know what's up – ‘Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.’ “ – Sarah Collins, Photographer

“Throughout the past 6 years of climbing the ladder, there has been times of feeling like you want to throw the towel in. I am lucky to have some mega girl bosses to help me stay grounded and inspire me to keep going regardless of the obstacles.” –Briann Matitse, Make up Artist

“Supporting your babes is one of the most important things in business. We are all in it together. My female tribe has been my strength, my direction and my inspiration.” – Leslie McAllister, Stylist & Boutique Owner

Model, actress, producer, miscellaneous artist and self proclaimed Mother of Dragons, Katie C'etta is a Pittsburgh born, LA based artist who loves creating narratives through a lens. She can be seen in various independent features and multiple brand name advertisements. Visit www.katiecetta.com to follow the latest on Katie C'etta.