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Editor's Note: We will be regularly following Cecile's journey as she becomes a first time mom to see what her experience is like after miscarriage.  You'll find her posts on our blog once a month.

Words & Images by Cecile Davis

It’s a girl!

I knew all along of course. Many women I’ve spoken to say they knew the gender before it was confirmed, and I definitely knew. Instinct is very real and anytime I tried to call her him, it felt wrong. Even the male names we were throwing around didn’t seem as important or relevant somehow. I must admit a bit of nervousness right before finding out for sure. I was worried that my gut (which had served me very well throughout my life) was going to be off this time. We didn’t go to my OBGYN for the gender results, they were going to make us wait until 20-21 weeks and we had no patience for that. So we made an appointment at a local clinic that specializes in gender reveal, in fact they guarantee an accurate reading as soon as 13 weeks! We went at 17 weeks. It was a little weird, very different that your usual doctors office experience for sure. 

First of all, it was located in the basement of an office block… I don’t know about you but basements in general kind of creep me out. The waiting room was so dark and moody, you would've thought we were there to get massages or have our tarot read. Then we were ushered into the procedure room, which was just as dark but much less moody. We paid in cash, $75 for the privilege, and then I hopped on the bed. The technician (doctor, maybe? There were no diplomas on the wall) and his assistant (who, obviously was also his wife) were very nice, but just as odd as their facility. One thing we’ve learned about our baby girl so far is that she doesn't like ultrasounds, and frankly I don’t blame her. It seems like every technician likes to push and poke her until she flailing around and swimming away from the KY-jelly covered wand. This time was no different, but after a while she settled down and they were able to get a clear picture of her “girl parts.”


We were overjoyed, both teared up a bit and couldn't be happier about our teeny tiny girl and all her “parts.” I was particularly happy that I could continue to trust my gut and lord my correct prediction over everyone. Now, I’m 20 weeks (the half way mark!) and just had my sonogram with my OBGYN. I was nervous going into this one too, what if the basement dwellers had been wrong? What if I wasted that $75 that could’ve gone toward our crib? And God forbid, what if my gut was wrong? Luckily, the doc confirmed, she is a she and she finally has gotten over camera fears. She played peek-a-boo, waved, and has the most beautiful profile. I’ve settled on a name (a name my husband suggested, by the way) but Stormy seems to still be on the fence. So, I won’t reveal it just yet. Until next time, dear reader….

“Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of.” - Bethany Hamilton

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Cecile is a photographer and filmmaker living on Maryland's rural Eastern Shore. She specializes in artistic and highly emotional wedding coverage. Her husband and two dogs are expecting the arrival of their first human baby in April 2017.

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