Exploring the Depths of Life and the World


Words by Holl and Lane Magazine

“Did you always know?”

“Oh, no. No, I didn’t. But I believed. I believed.”

Movie-lovers might recognize that quote from the movie The Matrix Revolutions. But the sentiment applies in a broader sense as well. As we embark on new journeys in life, it often takes a certain amount of faith in ourselves. In knowing that there’s risk and failure involved in every step. But there’s also the potential for opportunity and reward.

Exploring the unknown isn’t new. Many people before us have dipped their toes (or full-on cannon-balled) into waters outside their comfort zone. But the beauty of exploration is that it doesn’t have to be undiscovered territory. Everything is new if you haven’t experienced it before. There’s a whole wide world out there. Just waiting for you to take the first step, to hear your soft gasp of awe, and to sit patiently as you reap the rewards of your belief in yourself.

The stories featured this month on the blog are full of discovery, exploration, wonder, and lessons learned. So, get your exploring shoes on. There’s no time to waste.

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