How to Find Adventure in Your Everyday Life


Words by Safiyyah Hanif 

What does exploring mean to you? To most, exploring means to look outwards, climbing your way up mountains and trekking through jungles, but this belief means we often lose out on our chance for adventure because we place limitations on ourselves, believing that we are not brave or bold enough to take those risks. You can choose to find adventure in your everyday life. Sometimes the best way to explore is to look inwards and find new ways of satisfying the soul and experiencing the beauty of your imagination.

It is easy to get complacent with routine, we let ourselves settle with comfort and familiarity until the thought of reaching for an adventure or our creativity can seem daunting. So start where you are. Explore your nearby surroundings and you may be surprised to discover what lies on your doorstep. Take a different route home and refresh your senses and your routine. You do not always need a plan; sometimes getting a little lost can kick-start your adventure and leave you open to discovery. Embracing the unknown is what makes life exciting and the thrill of it will unleash your inner child, leaving you feeling wild and free! Even as adults we can learn so much from being a child again; think back to when you would do handstands in the grass without worrying about how you looked or sang in the car without caring how you sounded. As we grow up, we often lose that vulnerable side that offers us so much freedom.

Exploring does not have to be daunting, trying a new recipe or activity is a brilliant way of engaging different senses, just as swapping your regular coffee meet up for a yoga session or rock climbing class is a generous push towards your own self development. Why not try exploring the ways in which you can create happiness, not just for yourself but for others too? Sending your friends unexpected packages and notes is a sure-fire way to brighten their day! The key word here is ‘try’; you are exploring the ways in which you can create new forms of pleasure and living your life as if it is one wonderful experiment! This willingness to investigate and experiment is a form of self growth that keeps your brain sharp and is a magnificent way of cultivating creativity and inspiration that you can apply to your job and family life, too.

If your relationships are lacking excitement, perhaps it is time to explore new ways of communicating and new ways of touching and embracing. Your heart was made to be full of passion and desire, do not be afraid to discover what makes you feel alive; this is where you and your relationships will become stronger. Your fear is the only thing holding you back from living a life full of adventure. If getting others involved is not an option then exploring on your own can be a great way to increase your independence. Being able to spend quality time in your own company is imperative, and you will feel renewed with great clarity and confidence.

Exploring requires you to be bold, you have to take risks and each one, no matter how small, is a test of your bravery. Just remember that you are doing this for you, and you are giving yourself the opportunity to live your best life, one that you fully deserve. You have so many incredible opportunities and experiences knocking on your door, all you have to do is let them in and the adventure can begin! Don’t be afraid of failure, this is where you grow and learn to expand your mind. Allow yourself to learn and be curious and inquisitive; by engaging different parts of your brain you will start challenging yourself and exploring sides of you that you didn’t know existed. Read books that you wouldn’t usually choose; living vicariously through books is one of the best adventures you can have.

Focus on the past and future when it benefits you, but for the most part, shift your focus to the present. Really absorb each moment of your day and appreciate it for what it is and start now. Start living your everyday adventure.

Safiyyah Hanif is an English Literature student who believes words can be just as powerful as actions in connecting with people and leaving a special mark on the world.

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