The Bonds of Friendship


By Holl & Lane Magazine

Do you remember your very first friend? How fun it was to laugh with them and have shared experiences and inside jokes that no one else would understand? Friends fill in the gaps in your sense of self. They "see" you, in a world that sometimes has its eyes closed. They have no familial or work or other obligation to be around you. They do it because they want to.

The bonds of friendship aren't forged in blood. They are created from a sharing of the soul, a belonging like no other. When you have a friend, you have a seat at the table that has your name on it.

The stories featured on the blog this month are a deep dive into the concept of friendships. Making them, maintaining them, repairing them. We hope you enjoy them and remember - you have a friend in Holl & Lane. Always.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
— Helen Keller
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