Partner Spotlight: Hudson Lillian Designs

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1. Why and how did you start Hudson Lillian Designs?
Our company started when I realized how much I had lost myself. I had no idea who Ashleigh was anymore. I remembered who I used to be and what I used to do; but I had no idea what my purpose was anymore. Then I lost a baby. Something growing inside me I failed to protect and it left my body. This prompted me to change my life. I had to find something for myself again. So I started a business.

2. What is your main mission?
My main mission with Hudson Lillian Designs is to get women talking. I want to see women everywhere talking to strangers. Hopefully by making witty and heartfelt tees it gives women something to break the ice with. The hardest part is the first hello; then after that it's all gravy.

3. How do you hope Hudson Lillian Designs affects women’s lives?
I hope we save lives. I hope a woman suffering after a loss gets asked about the beautiful rainbow on her shirt so she can talk about the thing most people avoid in her life. I hope we make them laugh and save women everywhere from showing panty lines. HLD should be the tangible thing that hugs you in the morning before your coffee to remind you that you are awesome.

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4. We love the work you're doing to support The Always With Me Foundation and Project Sweet Peas. Could you tell us more about your After the Storm tee and why it was important to Hudson Lillian to create this?
There's so much to tell about After The Storm; I feel like I even tend to ramble because it is so close to my heart.

I am 1 in 4. I have lost a baby. It was unexpected. Awful. I'm still not over it and may never be. Miscarriage is one of the things people don't talk about. It's in the list of topics not to touch. I hate that. Women who have suffered a loss need to talk about the baby they miss, the pain they endured, and the struggle they face daily. That is how they heal.

The shirt was initially created for that reason only. To bring awareness to miscarriage.

Then the orders came in for more reasons than I can count. The shirt turned into a movement for women.

It now just starts the conversation. Just stopping that mom with a top knot and yoga pants in Target sometimes can change her day. And the easiest way to start that conversation; "I love your shirt!"

5.  At Hudson Lillian, you create "tees that start conversation." So tell us- what's the best conversation that you've heard come out of a Hudson Lillian tee?
There's two that really come to mind right now.

For our After The Storm Tee- It gives a mother who lost her baby at birth a chance to talk about him. A lot of people don't know what to say or how to say it so they avoid it. She wants to shout from the rooftops how glorious it was to have him in her arms for as long as she did. Anytime she gets stopped; she gets that chance.

One of our newest designs that only I have so far; Ain't Nothin' But A Mama Thing Baby; I was getting gas at Costco and this gentleman started rapping at me. It was delightful. Then we talked about how I am usually covered in food all day so that's why I only make black tees.

Editor's Note: On Wednesday, November 15th, Ashleigh will be taking over our Facebook community to talk to us more about why what she's designing is more than a t-shirt.  Be sure to join the group and talk about these much needed tees with us!

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