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Editor's Note: In order to continue producing Holl & Lane, we rely on amazing partners (who we truly believe in) to run ads within our pages.  We're so excited to introduce you to the 10 amazing partners who have allowed us to create Issue 14 for you.  We encourage you to dig a little deeper into their stories and learn more about the products and services they create.  Without them, we wouldn't be able to keep doing H&L.


1. Why and how did you start your company?
The Arise Box was born out of a deep desire to empower survivors and restore hope to people who feel hopeless. About five years ago, I was introduced to the evils of human trafficking through a film. While watching the dramatized story unfold, something inside me started screaming 'do something.' My first instinct was to open a safe home for rescued youth, but as a college student, I didn't have the experience or resources needed. Fast-forward five years and nothing much had changed except that I'd become tired of waiting for the perfect time to make a difference. Care packages were something I could feasibly put together and send to safe homes already working with survivors. Christmas 2016, The Arise Box unofficially launched by sending out care packages to survivors in four different safe homes and this year we're hoping to send care packages to at least three safe homes.

2. What is your main mission?
In a word, hope. We exist to send a spark of hope to people who live in a dark, scary world. It's easy to lose hope that you can make a difference after five minutes of scrolling through the news. So we fill every subscription box with practical and beautiful proof that your purchases have the power to change lives. Then, we build care package with thoughtfully curated gifts to affirm and provide a glimmer of hope for survivors who've lost their sense of self-worth and need a bit of string-free love in their life.

3. How do you hope your brand affects women’s lives?
I want people to know that you don't have to wait for the perfect moment or wait to "have it all together" to make a difference in the world. Because that moment will never come. Start small. Start big. Just start. There are hundreds of tiny ways to change lives in your neighborhood and in our world. One of the ways you can start making a difference is by shopping thoughtfully - slowing down, thinking about the people behind the products you're buying and asking how they're treated. Trust me, once you start asking that question it feels overwhelming and at first you have no idea where to begin. I hope that The Arise Box can introduce you to world-changing brands and artisans make practical and beautiful products for everyday life while you help build care packages for survivors.

4. Can you tell us a little more about how purchasing an Arise Box helps support survivors of human trafficking?
For every Arise Box sold part of the profits go towards building care package for human trafficking survivors. At the end of each year, we wrap up all the care packages everyone has helped build and take them to safe homes around America. We were told early on by safe homes that they had tons of donations of really practical items like shampoos and deodorants but the women didn’t have many items they could call their own. So we fill every care package with empowering and beautiful items like journals, a life-hack book, nail polish, chocolate etc. Our goal is to show survivors a simple act of real love without any strings attached.

5. We're hardcore crushing on the Fall Arise Box. What kinds of goodies can we look forward to receiving in a quarterly Arise Box?
Thank you! It’s definitely one of our favorites yet! We scour the world for the best, most useful items that are making a positive difference and ship them to your door. If we can take some of the overwhelm out of shopping ethically and sustainably for you, we consider that a success! Every new season we pick out products around a theme (this Autumn’s theme is “share”) and hand-curate every single item in your box to make sure that everything is as useful as it is beautiful. Plus every box has a self-addressed postcard that you can use to send a note of encouragement to a survivor! This fall’s postcard was drawn by a 15 year old survivor named Benjamin who’s working on his artistry skills so he can become a graphic designer.

Giveaway : Win a Fall 2017 Arise Box!

2017 Fall box includes falsa blanket, lip balm, bandana, postcard designed by a survivor, free song download, and purple fair-trade tea.  Enter via Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway closes Friday at 11:59 pm EST.

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