Partner Spotlight: Maggie Giele

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I’m Maggie, business + marketing strategist.  I help fiercely dedicated entrepreneurs connect with their Dream Clients, work smarter, and grow their business. 

You kind of know what the big picture is. You have a rough idea of where you want to get to.  But there are so many tiny pieces to sort out – Dream Clients (who are they, where are they and how do you get them talking?). Which social media platforms to be on. What to actually do on those platforms. How to know it’s working. The price. The packages.  Phew.

Through my signature 1:1 program Slay Your Strategy, I help entrepreneurs connect to their Dream Clients online, get clarity with what to do next, and create a crystal-clear action plan and strategy for moving towards their big, scary goals. So they get seen, get paid, and get the freedom they started doing all this for in the first place.

Could you tell us more about your Slay Your Strategy program? What skills can entrepreneurs look forward to getting out of this program?
This is my in depth, 1:1 program to help someone create or refine their online strategy. There are three crucial ingredients we cover - Business Vision (your goals, the impact you want to make and how you want to be seen), Dream Client and Customers (who you want to attract and work with), and your Content Strategy (educating, informating and entertaining your audience through your blog, newsletter, social media, videos etc). These three key elements work together to build your digital strategy foundations, and we go from there to expand it for your particular brand, business and audience. After working with me on this, business owners should have their content plans mapped out, including higher-impact marketing, a business growth strategy in place, and a much deeper understanding of how to best reach and build relationships with their audience online.

What are your social media top tips for entrepreneurs hoping to get noticed in the sea of self-starters?
Look into your personality and start trying to pull out and weave in elements of what makes you, as a human, unique and interesting, and experiment with adding it into your marketing. The best advice is genuinely to just start and try things out. You can always tweak it later, and you really do learn the best by doing. For getting noticed specifically, set some time aside to be creative. What would you truly like to do? What lights you up, and what do you find fun? That path got me to an award-winning, content-batching, geek-themed event called the Content Quest, and that changed my business. You don't have to do what everything else is doing - learn the rules and what 'works', and then go experiment!

Maggie Giele | Business | Branding | Consultant
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