The Top 10 of 2017

I love seeing your favorite posts of the year.  This not only helps us to plan for the next year, but it allows us to look back on all of the amazing stories that we've shared.  So here's a look at our Top 10 blog posts of 2017.  Happy New Year!


Ten: 5 Affirmations You Need to Hear Today and Everyday

In the interest of giving you words to help transform your every day, our own Assistant to the Editor wrote this post on 5 affirmations to help you through your every day.  Plus, she created a free download to go with them.


Nine: Talking About What Hurts

In this brave post, Melissa talks to us about being a survivor of rape, a suicide attempt and postpartum depression.  Though sensitive topics, we knew this would be one of those that would help so many women and we couldn't be more proud of her for taking back her story.


Eight: I Have Postpartum Anxiety

Though incredibly common, Postpartum Anxiety is rarely talked about after childbirth.  But we think it needs to be a topic of conversation.  After reading this post by Megan, we know there were women out there breathing a sigh of relief that they're not alone.


Seven: I Am the Child of Addicts

Though she grew up in a family of addicts, Brooke resolved to not let that be her story.  In this post, she talked about growing up with a drug addicted mom and learning that she had to cut her out of her life for self-preservation.


Six: When Your Child Doesn't Want What You Want

As parents, we (sometimes unknowingly) set expectations for our children.  But what happens when your children take a different path than you imagined?  Jackie talked about that in this post all parents can relate to.


Five: Maternal Instinct: The Birth Story

For six months, we followed Cecile's story of becoming a mom after miscarriage.  In one of her last posts, Cecile shared with us the story of her baby girl, Wednesday, being brought into the world.  And who doesn't love a good birth story?


Four: What an Eating Disorder Really Looks Like

Whether we know it or not, we all have preconceived notions of what an eating disorder is like.  But in this post, Florencia pulled back the curtain to show what it really looks like and how it affects daily life, family, and mental health.


Three: I Grew Up in a Cult

In one of the most polarizing posts of the year, a brave woman shared with us what growing up in a cult was like.  She talked about what growing up isolated, with little education, and what she hopes for her future.


Two: Anxiety: The Invisible Illness

Affecting more than 40 million adults, anxiety is the most common mental illness.  And yet, it's still stigmatized.  H&L's own Editorial Manager, Mia, pulled back the curtain and talked about what anxiety feels like from the inside in this powerful post.


One: Women in Music: An Inside Look at Sexism and Success

Beth Laird, the CEO of Creative Nation, took us on an inside look at what being a woman in the music industry is like and the surprising advice that she gives to young professionals.

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