Now Available: Holl & Lane, 2017 Collection, Volume II

We are so excited to announce that our newest issue is now available in our shop.  Featuring the theme, The Mind, this new issue takes you on a journey through stories of mental health and mental awareness.  Through photo diaries, first person accounts, and more, this issue has quickly become a team favorite.  Below, you'll find the Editor's Letter featured in the issue.

Mental Health is one of those topics that people shy away from, even though approximately 1 in 5 adults suffers from a mental health illness, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. But here at Holl & Lane, we want mental health to be as common a topic as self-care. Mental health is self care. When your mental health suffers, so too, does the rest of your life.

Since beginning Holl & Lane Magazine, I have battled my own mental demons of feeling not good enough, suffering from comparisions and wanting to appear as if all is perfect on the outside when inside it feels as if I’m crumbling. So that’s why I decided to write the article “Mental Health of an Entrepreneur” that you’ll find on page 54. I wanted to explain what it feels like inside, while also talking with other entrepreneurs about their own experiences.

In addition, I wanted to show visually what mental health can feel like. On page 10 you’ll find a photo story from Becky Netley of what her struggle feels like, and on page 58 you’ll find photos from “It’s Hardly Noticeable” by John William Keedy, his photo series exploring mental illness.

This issue is filled with stories about mental health and is appropriately themed The Mind. I hope that after reading through these brave stories, you’ll recognize yourself and realize that you are not alone. I repeat, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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