It's Okay to Not Be Okay (+ FREE download!)

it's okay.jpg

May is Mental Health Awareness month and here at Holl & Lane, it also coincides with our 12th issue all about mental health and the mind.  But we wanted to take this idea one step further.  We wanted to embrace letting others know that it's okay to talk about mental health.  It's okay to say when you're having a hard time.  It's okay to speak your truth out loud.

So this Thursday, May 25th, we want you to join us on social media as we say a big "IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY" to everyone out there who needs to hear it.  All you have to do to join us is:

  1. Print out our free download below to use in your post.  (Or feel free to write it yourself!)
  2. On Thursday, May 25th post a photo on the social media platform of your choice with your printable and also include a few words of encouragement for those who might see it.  Let them know it's okay, let them know that you're listening, let them know that you support them.  And if you're battling, shout that out too.  Break down the barrier of shame.
  3. Tag @hollandlanemag and #HLItsOkay in your post.  We want to see it and support you and showcase your amazing features.

Let's help to end the stigma.  Let's help to show others that they aren't alone.  Let's show them that we're fighting next to them.  It's okay to not be okay.