The Arise Box + Giveaway

Words & Images by Cassidy Perry

For years, I wanted to open a safe home for teenage girls who’d been rescued from human trafficking. But that’s a huge undertaking; especially for a recent grad still messily trying to figure out the world. I was stuck in the thought that I had to do something life-changingly big and wait until the exact right time to make a difference in the world. Years ticked by and my heart still ached to do something, anything to make the world better for survivors. Last year, I got tired of waiting for the “perfect moment” to start making a difference and decided to take a step. To start small and try to bring light into at least one survivor’s life through a business idea called The Arise Box. 

As I learned more about human trafficking, I found many people who were being bought and sold were targeted because they were vulnerable and often still in their teens. I don't know about you, but when I was a teenager my self-esteem was fragile at best; constantly worried about people liking me or wondering if someone would notice me if I was only a few pounds lighter. I was fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends who never asked me to prove my worth or value to them. Not everyone's that lucky. Young people across America had been (and are being) taken advantage of their self doubt or desire to be loved. That was what I wanted to fight. Each and every single person is uniquely and beautifully made for a purpose. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to prove your worth. The Arise Box exists to remind women that no matter where life’s taken you, what anyone else has spoken over you, or what dreams have been crushed, you are still worthy. 

The Arise Box is founded on the desire to build ethical boxes to help you embrace your true self while sending care packages filled with encouragement, light, and joy to a survivor who has endured a life filled with so much darkness. Each new season introduces a themed Arise Box filled with ethical products that give back and fit into your life. Each box purchased adds two new products to a care package for a survivor. I wanted it to be a tangible, practical way that allows ordinary people just like me to make an extraordinary difference in the world. After all, it’s the small things we do that unlock world-changing power within our everyday lives. 

This summer’s Arise Box theme is joy. Sometimes we think of joy as something that you have only in a fleetingly perfect moment. But we can decide to seek out beauty amongst the thorns. Yes, life is tough. Yes, things aren’t perfect. They never will be. But that doesn't mean we should wait on some mythical perfect moment to be joyful. This summer, I challenge you to practice choosing joy. Celebrate everyday beauty with us while also building an uplifting care package to a survivor.

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Cassidy Perry fights human trafficking by founding The Arise Box. She's obsessed with finding cool brands with a cause and supporting young women as they learn who they are. Her downtime is filled with novels, attempts to look graceful while learning aerial silks, and Netflix nights with her tripaw dog.