Stories That Educate (Because Learning Never Stops)

Stories that educate, learning never stops, stories that bring awareness, women's issues, real life stories about women, 

Words by Holl and Lane Magazine

Blank notebooks. New clothes. High fives for friends you haven’t seen all summer. Can you picture what it was like when you were still in school? 

August is “Educate” month at Holl & Lane, and we’ll be featuring stories here on the blog that relate to this theme in some way. Maybe it’s the time of year, since many people are gearing up to go back to school themselves, or sending their kids back. Maybe it’s the thought that no matter what stage of life we’re in, we never stop learning. Either way, we’re feeling the pull of knowledge and learning. So, let’s fully embrace the opportunity to expand our horizons. It’s how we continue to grow and develop mentally and emotionally. 

We have a lovely group of ladies who will be sharing their stories with us this month. They’ll be sharing their experiences on educating others, educating themselves, and bringing awareness to important issues. We can’t contain our excitement – it’s going to be a great month!

So, sharpen your pencils and pack your lunches. We’ll save you a seat. And don’t worry, there won’t be any pop quizzes. 

P.S. We’ll be featuring a different theme on the blog each month for the remainder of the year, so stay tuned.

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