Me, Too : The Power of Story

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Being heard.  It's one of those feelings that you don't even know you crave until you don't have it.  But we all want to be heard and we all want to have our story recognized.  When we aren't heard, when we aren't seen, we lose connection with who we are at our core.  Learning the power of our stories and learning how to take the web of confusion inside our minds and put it down on paper can help us transform who we are and how we see ourselves.  However, when we have the tools to keep us connected to our hearts as our worlds change, we can begin to see the shift in ourselves and our lives to feeling unstuck and uncluttered.

When we hear real, true stories about real, true situations, all the expectation, emotion and confusion we feel about our own life is softened.
— Denese Russell

This is exactly why Denese Russell created the Me, Too online course.  "I don’t want anyone to look back on their life regretting not having lived how they wanted to live, or having felt alone, disconnected because of their life situation, or completely unaware of the gifts they were here to deliver."  The course is designed to help you stay grounded and aware, even as the world continues to change around us.  It's built to help you recognize joy in your life and bring light to it.  It will show you when you're getting in your own way and preventing your own progress.  And it'll shape the way you see humanity, bringing about empathy and less judgement of others.

In this four week, workshop-style, online course, you'll:

  • Move more easily through resistance/blocks/uncertainty
  • Recognize your unique gifts, projects and passions
  • Turn challenging life experience into purpose
  • Cope with fear, doubt, anxiety around self-expression
  • Establish boundaries and nurture your health and creativity
  • Experience the power of forgiveness
  • Finally, be able to do the New Year's resolutions that are most important to you

Being able to shout to the world "me, too!" not only gives us the power and opportunity to make a difference, but it gives someone else the power to share their story.  "It's like we're being given permission to be normal," says Denese.

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Denese didn’t understand why her senior class voted her Most Optimistic. She thought it meant a perpetual front of forced happiness and that’s not how she felt or wanted to be perceived. It wasn’t until she read, “Optimism isn’t about denying reality, it’s about the ability to create a better one,” that she started claiming the superpower her classmates had seen. She has spent 30+ years studying people’s stories (to make sense of her own), practicing what it takes to take responsibility for happiness, and is on a mission to help others embrace their uniqueness so they can do the same.

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