Issue 18 : The Impact Issue


Impact. Small word, big meaning.

How do we know what sort of impact we’re making on the world?  How do we know if the footprint that we’re leaving behind has meaning?  

This isn’t something I had put much thought into early in my life.  In my 20’s, I mainly thought about myself.  But once I turned thirty, once I had a couple of kids, once I grew a business from the ground up, that’s when I started to think more of impact.  I started to think of the sort of impact I wanted to leave in this world, what I wanted to be remembered for.  My initial thoughts were that I wanted to be a good person who raised good people.  

But once I started Holl & Lane over three years ago, I decided I wanted something more  - I wanted to leave a bigger footprint in this world.

Through this magazine, I found what I was meant for, and what my impact will be.  I was created to share YOUR stories.  To give you a platform to use your voice to bring about change in the world.  To create a magazine that would share our honest lives, no matter if they’re Instagram-worthy, no matter how painful.  

To date, we’ve shared stories of well over 500 women.  The words that have seeped through our pages and out of our screens have been some of the most vulnerable you’ll ever read.  But because of their courage to write those words, so many of you have felt understood.  So many of you have been encouraged to share your own stories.  So many of you have come to me to say what Holl & Lane has meant to you.  

And that is true impact.

I want to leave you with words from our friend Melissa, who wrote this edition’s Dear Soul Sister letter:Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you’re going to be the connection that holds something together in a way people didn’t know was needed.”

Trust in the fact that you are here for a reason.  Your life has meaning.  You are important.