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We've all been there - the new year rolls around and at the very top of our resolution list is "Get Healthy".  And then suddenly, by February, we're knee deep in McDonald's fries wondering how we got there.  Well, that's where Liz comes in.  She created To Eat + To Love to prove to those of us who think we're hopeless that it can, in fact, be done.  We CAN be healthy.  And it really doesn't take as much effort as we might think.

We asked Liz a bit more about the program after noticing her GLOWING testimonials.  This is what she had to say:

The program is designed to help women create - over 4 weeks - a very personalized nutrition plan. To do this, I first teach a very easy, basic way to think about eating healthy - this is the first part of the stress-free component and its designed to be used whether you’re cooking for yourself or you’re out to eat or whatever.

Then, each week of the 4 week program, we focus on making a specific part of a nutrition plan. So for example, one week we make a plan specifically for how to eat on special occasions or during the holidays. After these 4 weeks of planning, participants have an actual nutrition plan - literally like a notebook that they can follow - to eat healthy PLUS this background on an easy way to think about eating.

The goal is to have a playbook - something that you can reach to at any time - on how you are going to eat. This creates a stress-free situation in a few ways:

You literally never have to think hard about healthy eating again. You have done all of that thinking and now have TONS of combinations of healthy foods to choose from.

It’s also really stress-free in that it it made for YOU and by YOU. Which means that your life is baked right in! What do I mean by that? Well I get tons of people who say to me “I tried this diet but I don’t have time to cook so I couldn’t do it” or “I signed up for this thing and I HATE the food.” This is why nutrition programs fail. But with this program, you’re deciding what you eat and when. So, if you can ONLY buy lunch at work - cool, we’re going to focus on what’s in your cafeteria and what you should choose there. Or if you HATE brussel sprouts - that’s fine, we won’t include them in your plan. The goal here is to focus on the healthy foods that you like and not to stress out over the stuff you don’t just because someone’s blog says you should be eating it.

It’s also stress-free is that it works for almost any meal planning choices. Some people don’t meal plan at all and some people want to meal plan obsessively. Once you create your plan, you can really be anywhere on that spectrum and use the plan in a way that suits you.

The program is designed to save time and money by taking a lot of the thinking out of our daily food choices, reducing the amount of time spent on trying to stay healthy, and it makes meal planning easier, which prevents unnecessary splurges or waste. It also doesn’t focus on any specific ingredients - I’m never asking anyone to splurge on coconut flour or expensive protein powders - so it can be tailored to any budget. In all, it’s an EXCEPTIONALLY personalized approach to health.

So, the time is NOW.  Are you ready to get your health on track for real this time?  Liz is running a 5 day email challenge sharing the 5 ways she improved her health and you can get in on it by going here.  Plus, a little birdie told us there will be prizes given during the challenge.


Liz believes that that choosing to be healthy shouldn't require sacrificing important parts of who we are - like our work schedules or our family time! So she created To Eat + To Love to deliver an authentic and supportive nutrition experience to busy, career women everywhere. Her goal - to make health relatable and attainable to our REAL lives! In To Eat + To Love's signature 4-week program, Liz helps women create completely unique, flexible eating plans designed around their real schedules and needs - to stay healthy without having to change who they ARE!

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