4 Tips for Using Social Media


Words by Madisen Quick 

On good days, social media creates communities, celebration, and encouragement. On bad days, it leaves you feeling drained, angry, and like you'll never be as good as the people filling up your feed. So today, we're giving you 4 quick tips to put into action this week that will help you deal with these feelings of comparison without cutting out social media altogether.

1. Nothing Good Happens After 11pm (Or Before 9am)

Starting out the day social media free means your mind has some time to dream, reflect, and think without the influence of social media. Once you start to get ready for bed, pop that sucker into airplane mode and try to leave it there until breakfast the next morning.

2. Unfollow If It's Unhealthy

Do you follow someone whose posts sour your day before you even see it? Take back your social media and spend a few minutes today to scroll through each of your following lists and unfollow/unfriend these people. If unfriending might get you in a sticky situation, Facebook and Twitter have unfollow/mute features that will help you set boundaries as well.

3. Before Pushing "Post"

Ask yourself, "Am I looking to receive some sort of validation or prove something from this post?" If so – you might be more likely to obsess over things like how many likes your get or how your post compares to the other posts in your feed. If this is the case, set the post aside for another day and grab a friend or a journal to process what you're feeling instead.

4. Be Social!

It's so easy to get caught up in our own online presence that we can forget that social media is for being social and making connections! Channel some of your screen-time into catching up with people you love. Even just these few minutes that you spend being outwardly focused bring connection back to the center of social media.

I want to know: What are ways that you practice healthy social media? Comment below with your thoughts.

Madisen Quick is the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Holl & Lane Magazine. She is currently a senior at Wellesley College where she studies English and mathematics.

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