4 Printables to Help You Get Organized


Words by Madisen Quick 

I've recently gotten into bullet journaling. And by that I mean I've gotten into pinning bullet journal ideas on Pinterest and looking longingly at my journal, wishing I had the time, skill, or patience to bullet journal. So if you're looking to feel a bit more organized, without spending your evenings cursing your lack of artistic skills, here are 4 of my favorite free printables. File, print, and ahhhh.

1. Day Designer by Day Designer

For daily organization, I love something that balances an hour-by-hour schedule with a to-do checklist, and Day Designer fits the bill perfectly! Take a few minutes to fill this out with your evening cup of tea and you'll wake up to a holistic view of the day ahead.

2. Habit Tracker by Clementine Creative

Struggling to get in your 8 cups of water a day? Keep forgetting to call that sweet friend of yours? This habit tracker will help you keep track of all those little things. Fill in the little box when you've completed a habit and evaluate your progress at the end of every month.

3. Goal Organizer by Melyssa Griffin

We've all heard that half the battle of accomplishing goals is writing them down. So next time you're feeling reflective or inspired, use this printable to keep track of your weekly/monthly/yearly goals. The best part? That satisfying crunch of a sticky note and a goal completed!

4. Affirmations by Holl & Lane

Healthy headspace goes way beyond organization so we created this free printable filled with positive affirmations to stick to your mirror, notebook, or nightstand. Whenever you see one, repeat the words to yourself and let them sink in.

Now I'd love to hear - how do you stay organized? What's your trick to keeping track of everything? Comment below (seriously!) so we can chat!

Madisen Quick is the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Holl & Lane Magazine. She is currently a senior at Wellesley College where she studies English and mathematics.

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