Issue 16: The Aging Issue


Aging is so complex. When you first hear the word, you'll likely think of wrinkles and graying hair. And while those physical changes are certainly a part of aging, it also goes beyond skin deep. Aging can impact your health, relationships, family, self-image. 

But you know what they say: Age is just a number. It can be fought against tooth and nail, or embraced with open arms. Getting older is just a natural part of life's journey, one that we all walk together.  

Today, our brand new issue launches.  And this one is all about Aging.  It's about the passage of time and the life changes that we experience as the years tick by.  With stories from women aged 20-90, we discuss the full range of life inside these pages.  We can't wait for you to see what's inside (check out the full table of contents below).


Inside Issue 16 : Aging

The Flood of Memories
How a grilled cheese sandwich can bring back the sweetest of memories.

Growing Up With My Children
A young woman’s journey into motherhood.

Working Hands
Perhaps hands are the true windows to the soul.

Self-Image as We Age
Extending grace to ourselves and our changing reflections.

Learning to Love From Nancy Reagan
How the funeral of a former First Lady inspired lessons of love.

The Same Person
A poem about our identities as we age.

My Undiagnosed Illness
Searching for answers as each test comes back clear.

Embracing Changing Technology
The world is changing faster and faster... can we keep up?

What is the Secret to a Happy Life?
Four women share their secrets on life, happiness, and gratitude.

The Second Half
The restlessness of life after all of the milestones have been achieved.

Changing Times
Women in their 80s and 90s share the impact of changes during their lifetime.

Time is On My Side
Maintaining a positive attitude about aging.

New Age Love
The intimacy of romantic and platonic love.

An Unexpected Season with My Father
The transition from daughter to caregiver.

The Timeline of Aging
Embracing aging and looking forward to mid-life.

Let Your Birdie Fly
3 ways to move forward as an empty nester.

Age is Just a Number... Until It’s More Than That
A mid-life crisis after turning 40.

The Age of Dating
What is dating like for single women of various ages?