Getting to the HeArt of You

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Our friend, Denese Russell is back with a new course all about finding the creativity in YOU.  We all have an inner critic that tells us the most vicious things about ourselves.  Denese wants to help you silence those with her brand new course "Getting to the HeArt of You.” Enrollment opens May 1st!  Each week of this 4 week course features a theme that will help you embrace where you are, find clarity around next steps, your gifts and the courage to move forward feeling fresh and inspired.

I want every woman to soften so they can finish strong. I used to tell myself this when running marathons... soften your shoulders, your jaw, soften something, so you can finish strong. And it worked. I want to provide a non-judgmental ear and easy reminders that we are not alone in our doubts and fears. I want them to feel heard and encouraged to get to the heart of themselves, to care for themselves so they have the energy to keep going, their way.
— Denese Russell


We asked Denese a bit more about her course....

On your website, you write beautifully about finding your calling: Gently nudge people to get to the heart of what it's in their heart, and then simply start. What does this mean practically for you and your clients?

I like to soften the idea of a calling by first acknowledging what you’ve already accomplished. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we did yesterday let alone the last decade. We spend way too much time wondering why we don’t have the energy or talent or discipline to do the things we want to do, or thinking that what we’re already doing isn’t enough, which is exhausting. Most women are so busy working and caring for others that they’ve lost a sense of themselves – which works until it doesn’t. We can’t go through life dismissing our curiosities and values or it will show up as restlessness, anxiety, depression, exhaustion. I try to create a space where women can curl up and get to know themselves again through simple practices that ensure they stay that way regardless of age or life stage.

The client testimonies of your courses speak volumes. What are some of the common challenges that you help your clients work through?

All the stories we tell ourselves… our desires are trivial, not worthy of time, energy, money, we’re not being responsible enough, or we’ll look like a fool… And, most people don’t think they’re particularly creative, including the ones who are professional artists! We have a wacky mindset when it comes to artistic endeavors, thinking “doing what you love” isn’t responsible. I try to shift perspective around creativity in general. Even if you’ve never had an “artistic” dream, only pursuing the practical can cause us to feel heavy, stuck, stifled. Everyone has a deep desire to express their spirit, whether that’s how they dress, work, or process. I help people see creativity more as an essential source of energy than a profession for a chosen few.

Still not sure if the course is for you?  Click here or the button below to get a FREE 5 day preview of what you can expect.  We think you're going to love it.

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