A Publishing House Empowering Women (+ Giveaway!)


Today we want to introduce you to our partner, Golden Brick Road Publishing House and incredible founder, Ky-Lee Hanson.  Ky-Lee is a best selling author, publisher, and a successful serial entrepreneur. She thrives on creating opportunities to help people along their journey, and she excels at it. Her success came by developing the taboo art of collaborative business. Ky-Lee has an open-door policy she learned from her mom, a listening ear, and an opportunity to lock arms and take you down your Golden Brick Road.

We talked to her a bit more about her business...

1. Why and how did you start your company?

Becoming an author was a dream-life of mine, one in which, for a long time I told myself I wasn't good enough to live it. When I did muster up the courage (through a lot of self study) to pursue this, I noticed the disconnect between publishers and authors. I noticed the dated, masculine, competitive, corporate traits. Something fresh was needed, and by creating a safe space to let women step up in their loving and accepting nature, would help to get us there. I knew I had to build a place that would take the cookie-cutter competition out of this industry and start feeding the art back into the creative, push-the-limits type industry that publishing and writing is supposed to be.

2.  We love that you’re a female owned and operated publishing house and that you focus on empowering women. Why is it important to you to give women these platforms?

Women have been oppressed for a long time. It is important that all people are able to find their voice. At this point in society, it will take women to lead other women. I see our future world embracing both genders while empowering diversity, choice, and well thought out yet open opinions, and for every person to feel comfortable in both their feminine and masculine traits. With more women in leadership roles, we might have a shot at a more balanced future. As women we are not here to take anything away, we are creators; We are here to empower each person’s perspective so we can begin to rebuild towards union. All change comes from within; First we write to communicate with the self, to find understanding. When we can accept ourselves, and what version of our self we want to grow into, we can then also learn to accept others and their unique journey. We know there is demand for this and a shift happening because we have already grown to 200+ authors.

3.  Your catalogue lineup is full of amazing titles! Can you give us a quick introduction to a couple must-reads from the GBR bookshelf?

I am really loving “The Happy Break-up” by Cate Gennaro. Although I am in a very happy, long term relationship, I received a boost of confidence, a laugh, and relaxation from this book through spending time with her words and hand drawn art. My spouse said we did such a good job on this book and that it is a work of art; Which is a great response to get when you hand your spouse a break up book!

A title that I hold dear, I was the lead author on but it is a collaborative women’s writing project titled, “I’m 30, Now What?!” and it is a crowd pleaser. I am very proud of it and love the cover design. It speaks to all women but primarily aged 20-45. The book encourages the reader to take note of what they do not like in life and realize that for the first time, women have a significant amount of choice, we should use it. This book accepts everyone for where they are at in life, and gives the reader a sassy kick to decide for herself: Now what? I’d be happy to sign a copy through my website, shoppers can leave me a note (I hustle, label, and ship myself!).

All our books have a very specific niche market per title but similar to how women wear many hats, our books offer a friendship-based community energy for every single reader.



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