Introducing: The TRANSFORMATION Issue


Transformation is a word that I’m fond of.  Whether it’s my hair, my style, the rug in the living room, or even an episode of Fixer Upper, I love a good transformation.  But in this issue, we’re talking about change on a new level.  A change that begins to bubble up deep down within your soul until it explodes out of you, rocking the world you thought you knew.

These transformations can start out seemingly benign but once they’ve erupted, they are the catalyst for a new season of your life.

The biggest transformation for me was becoming a mother - as it so often is.  The change in me has been so big that I don’t know if I’d recognize pre-mom Sarah anymore.  But it didn’t happen overnight.  It wasn’t as if on February 9, 2014 at 2:25 in the afternoon that I instantly became someone different.  The love I now have for my first born didn’t even sneak up on me until sometime in the week after he was born.  But once it did, my body felt like it had been turned inside out.  

And so, it is with these thoughts in mind that I set out to publish an issue on the very thing that we ALL endure - change, transformation, evolution.  Whatever word you choose, the sentiment is the same.  Events happen in our lives that leave us irreparably different.  Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse, but that is life.  And the way we choose to respond to those shifts is what makes us who we are.

Until next time,
Sarah Hartley
Editor in Chief

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll find in the issue.